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Marquetry and Intarsia Terms.

The word marquetry came to us from France (marquetry inside the roots of the two words marque: mark, sort, and set the try - tree), in your language translated as - a wood mosaic. And France wooden mosaic originated from Holland (intarsio and also has a number of similar words in insert wood, embed).

Luxury world empires. order marquetry portraits Holland Marketrinachala XVII century was one of several powers laid claim they can world domination. She led colonial wars in many parts of the world, it has a powerful at that time trade and military fleet in metropolitan ports regularly visited Geleon laden with gold and silver, and therefore had to shine the splendor and luxury. Therefore, demand in the output of sophisticated, expensive and chic things contributed to the roll-out of crafts and artwork decoration in architecture, furniture, weapons. Dutch caravels and galleons, furrow back then all the oceans started to bring exotic wood, and in many cases local craftsmen - master furniture Affairs knew his job and considering the wealth of texture and shade of wood overseas, make special orders for "Mahogany". French royal court which has a natural passion for luxury and then for world domination seemed to be impressed with luxury finishes and furniture by Dutch masters in the art in a big way suffered inlay about the fertile soil of France.

Marquetry in ancient history. The 1st flowering

But it can be called modern history when compared with what depths of past centuries will be archaeologists. Thanks to the excavations have found the technique of inlaying furniture with bronze, gold, ivory and colored glass was widespread over these colossi bygone era as Assyria and Babylon. On prime of this art tell the poets of antiquity: Pausanias, Aristophanes and Euripides, along with the legendary Homer in "The Odyssey" describes in detail the process of manufacturing of wooden furniture: bed (bed), table olives and doors, richly inlaid with gold, silver and ivory. order marquetry portraits Decorative inlays properties.

Lower than replacement decorative marquetry was the truth that, despite some inherent limitations in tree colors, craftsmen was able to create the richest colored compositions, which are subtleties nyuansirovok could compete with oil paintings. This became made possible by the improvement and continuing development of the range of tools used wood with the development of the flora in the East, Africa and America.

Basic materials for your marquetry.

There are two basic sorts of veneer: Sliced and peeled. Peeling timber veneer allows the roots of the tree, and by the roll-out of this technology for the veneer material not previously known furniture craftsmen were obtained. Should you cut the root in the tree, we see a bright textured fragment, perhaps the biggest issue is that the array of roots, in the suitable form for the production of furniture, usually do not happen, and the veneer of your small piece of an uncommon tree roots could possibly get enough for the facade in the furniture set. Mainly because it invented shelling machine and it was dissolved first root, revealing a wealth and Curly texture and color of the resulting material since, and lit up your eye area of the first master cabinetmaker, and combed rough hand for the left, abundantly enclosed in hair on his submit anticipation of good profits. And do not mistake the master, and his awesome flair right to work, and many types of he had the good. In addition, his eyes lit cabinet to date. order marquetry tables Secret marketristov technology.