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The Importance of Pure Argan Oil for Hair and Skin Argan oil is natural oil that comes from a tree that is native to a particular part of North Africa. This kernel oil has been treasured for thousands of years. Natives in the region where these trees grow use it to cook, and they also use pure argan oil to help protect their hair and skin against a harsh and dry climate. Why Buy Only Pure Argan Oil? pure argan oil Just recently, this type of oil has been discovered by people around the world for its many skincare and healthcare benefits. These days, many people are turning away from harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients to help moisturize and treat a number of dry skin and hair conditions. The essential fatty acids in pure argan oil are very similar to those found in the oils that human bodies naturally produce. As people age or exposed to harsh climatic conditions, they may not be able to produce enough oil any longer to sufficiently nourish their skin. By using this oil, it is possible to remedy dry skin, unmanageable hair, and many other issues. pure argan oil Because the oil is very similar to natural skin and scalp oil that are produced by our bodies, it gets absorbed very quickly. That means it can be used to help moisturize, and at the same time not leaving the user with a nasty, greasy feeling like many chemically oriented products do. It should be one of the closest things that could help supplement the amounts of natural skin and hair oil that our bodies produce. What to Look For In Pure Oil This oil must always be imported from its native lands. This means the pure product will be a bit more costly than products that contain very little argan oil or no natural oils at all. However, users only need to use a little of the oil each time, so just a little bit of highly concentrated, pure argan oil can go a long way without breaking the bank. Even though the pure product seems more expensive, it really ends up being a frugal choice. The supply should last longer, and it also doesn't contain harsh chemicals that don't belong on the human body or in the water supply. The caution here is that if a bottle of so-called argan oil seems a lot cheaper than other options, you should check it twice. Consumers need to make sure it doesn't contain just a small portion of natural oil, with many other chemically produced ingredients making up the rest of the formula. There are lots of skincare products that are marketed as containing argan oil that don't really contain that much oil. Buying Pure Oil pure argan oil Good companies will sell cosmetic-grade oil. This is different than the food-grade oil used in cooking. It doesn't hurt to use food-grade oil on the hair or skin, but there should not be other chemicals added to the mixture. That said, it is much easier to just hunt for the pure ones than having to go through the list of ingredients every single time. The pure product has a very mild scent that might be described as "nutty". Most people love using pure argan oil as a skin and hair conditioner. It's natural, soothing, and when you consider the fact you don't need to use much of it at a time, it can be regarded as an economical, high quality skincare product.